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Make your email confirmation flow seamless with inbox links.

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Inbox links take people right to their inbox.

People submit their email address and are shown a link to click. The link takes them to their email client to see the email immediately.

The flow becomes distraction-free and dodges any spam filters.

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For this demo you won't receive an email. When a real email is sent, the link can be more precise. Email addresses are not recorded.

How it works

LinkToInbox determines the email provider an email address belongs to using a set of address rules. For example, if an email address ends in the email provider must be Gmail.

When address alone isn't enough, we check the mail server receiving the email against mail servers belonging to email providers.

LinkToInbox keeps an exhaustive and up-to-date list of these address rules and mail servers to maximize the opportunity of constructing an inbox link.

With the email provider identified, we construct the most precise link the provider supports. This can range from just linking just to the inbox to linking to the exact email. Most links bypass spam filters and hide other emails from view.

This is how LinkToInbox crafts the very best link to that email.

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Check out the API documentation for how to get started.

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We charge $50 USD per month after a 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

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